Water treatment Aquados®

Water treatment

From own experience VLM B.V. is very well aware of the importance of a good drinking water quality for pig- and poultry farms. Problems with iron-, calcium- and manganese deposits can cause extra damage to the water installation, loss of water pressure and lower water consumption.

The Aquados® water treatment installations are the result of a long period of development. The water is being treated by using the principle of ion exchange. The installations have proven to be reliable, even after a long and intensive use of the system.

Our working-method:

Based on a water analysis and information about the water consumption and application of the system, the most appropriate system can be selected.

There is a wide range of filters, filter materials, controllers and pressure vessels which can be combined to create the most effective installation for each individual situation.

The benefits:

The Aquados®  water treatment installations are being characterized by some major benefits.

  • Easy to install
  • Long life span of the equipment and filter material
  • Low on energy consumption by using effective Wellmate expansion tanks
  • Fully closed system
  • Available in each requested capacity and for each requested application
  • Low on maintenance
  • Absolutely reliable system for treatment of water for elements like calcium, iron, manganese and ammonia