Reverse osmosis Aquados®

AQUADOS® reverse osmosis units are a reliable solution for producing (drinking)water with high purity on site. This technology is often applied in specific situations for process- and cooling water treatment in e.g. the industry, horticulture and car washes.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a continuous process in which water is filtered through a semi permeable membrane under high pressure. Besides the membrane, the installation consists of an inlet filter, high pressure pump, pressure vessel(s) and several fittings to control and monitor the permeate- and concentrate flow rate. The system is controlled by a micro processer which measures conductivity, temperature and runtime and shows several alarms and notifications by means of LED indicators. The system is fully pre-assembled on a stainless steel base frame.

Especially for water with an elevated salt level, reverse osmosis is the technology of choice (compared to other methods of water treatment, e.g. ion exchange technology). The RO installation is well suited for continuous production of pure water, which is stored in a buffer tank equipped with level switches and a hydrophore system.


  • Optimal water purity for a broad range of applications
  • Minimum 97% salt rejection
  • High reliability
  • Limited maintenance compared to other methods of water treatment
  • Also available in models for brackish water

The AQUADOS® RO installations are designed to operate at a water temperature of 15°C, a max TDS of 1,000 mg/l and a free permeate outlet. The permeate recovery depends on the feed water quality and the type of pre-treatment.


Overview AQUADOS® RO-installations 230 V

Permeate flow ratel/h50100250300400500
Min salt rejection%979797979797
Operating pressurebar14,012,011,011,010,010,0
Membrane element / no.-2540/12540/14040/14040/14040/24040/2
Motor powerkW0,30,550,550,550,550,55
Feedwater connectionDN202020202020
Permeate / concentrate connectionDN101010101010
Conductivity rangeµS/cm1-991-991-991-991-991-99
Min/max feedwater pressurebar2/62/62/62/62/62/6
Min/max feedwater temperature°C5/355/355/355/355/355/35
Max ambient temperature°C404040404040
Weight approx.kg505060627577


Overview AQUADOS® RO-installations 3 x 400 V

Permeate flow ratel/h6009001.2001.500
Min salt rejection%97979797
Operating pressurebar14,014,014,014,0
Membrane element / no.-4040/24040/34040/44040/5
Motor powerkW1,51,52,22,2
Feedwater connectionDN20202020
Permeate / concentrate connectionDN20202020
Conductivity rangeµS/cm2-2002-2002-2002-200
Min/max feedwater pressurebar2/62/62/62/6
Min/max feedwater temperature°C5/355/355/355/35
Max ambient temperature°C40404040
Weight approx.kg135150180195