Aquados® mixer and dosage tank

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Mixer and dosage tank

The AQUADOS® mixer was especially developed to prepare pre-solutions and to avoid sedimentation in storage tanks. The mixers are available with dosage tanks in stainless steel or plastic. The angle of the mixing blades can be adjusted to modify the mixing capacity. The low rotational speed prevents formation of foam. The dosage tanks are provided with a lid, graduation marks (10 L) and a bushing for the hoses of a dosage pump. The AQUADOS® mixer can also be mounted on the mobile version of the AQUADOS® metering pump.

The mixers and tanks can also be ordered separately.

Technical details

  • 24 volt motor (230 volt adapter included)

  • rotational speed 116.5 min-1

  • Stainless steel mixing blades and axle

  • Available with several axle lengths (at request)

  • Plastic tanks: 60, 120 or 200 litre

  • Stainless steel tanks: 90, 150 or 200 litre