Metering pump Aquados®

VLM B.V. can compose the ideal combination of a metering pump and base set (water meter, fittings, etc.)  for each situation. For this, the following information is required:

  • Dosage: type of product to be dosed and the desired concentration
  • Operating pressure of the water line system
  • Diameter of the pipeline in which the product is to be dosed
  • Maximum flow rate

Aquados® metering pumps are also available through a network of dealers across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. Dealers can take care of service and installation. Please feel free to contact us for a dealer in your region!

VLM B.V. also supplies dosage containers and mixing equipment for preparation of e.g. medicine solutions.

AQUADOS® doseerpomp veehouderij

Metering pump 1% / 2%

Metering pump Aquados® is used for the addition of (dissolved) medicines, vitamins, minerals, acids etc. to drinking water at livestock farms, mainly pig- and poultry farms. These supplements are costly and exact dosage is required for effective use. Therefore, a precise and reliable metering pump is absolutely worth the investment.

The Aquados® metering pump is appreciated by lots of farmers due to the following benefits:

  • Quick and reliable uptake of supplements, additives and medicines.
  • 2 dosing ranges: standard range of max 1% or 2% and a low range of max 0.2% or 0.4% (e.g. for dosing acids).
  • Water consumption can be read directly from the digital counter.
  • Additional output signal for computer registration of the water consumption.
  • Precise and accurate dosing, also at low water consumption (e.g. few / young animals).
  • Very uniform dosage (12 injections per liter for 1% version, 24 injections per liter for 2% version).
  • Acid resistant materials and no moving parts (no wear).

Technical data

maximum dosage1% or 2%
minimum dosage0,1%
maximum flow rate1.800 L/h (1% version)
900 L/uur (2% version)
minimum flow rate6 L/h
operating pressure2-3 bar

Mobile version

The mobile version of the Aquados® metering pump was designed especially for farms with multiple departments that only need occasional treatment. The mobile dosing unit is equipped with a 60 litre dosing tank, wich is sufficient to treat at least 6.000 litre of drinking water (1% version). Hoses, couplings and a pressure reducer with pressure gauge are included.

Metering pump EWNB/C-series

Metering pump Aquados® EWNB/C series is suited for dosing a large variety of additives in water line systems. Examples of additives for which these metering pumps can be used are: vitamins, minerals, mixtures of organic acids and several cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Control options

  • 4-20 mA signal (e.g. pH sensor)
  • start/stop signal
  • water meter with pulse generator

Automatic air relief

Aquados® metering pumps equipped with an automatic air relief are suited for dosing products that tend to form gas bubbles, like Aquaclean, CID clean, Hydrocare, PIPE clean, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. VLM B.V. can compose the ideal combination of a metering pump and base set (water meter, fittings, etc.)  for each situation.

  • Ideal for adding oxidizing agents
  • Acid-resistant and wear-resistant materials
  • Quick and reliable uptake of added products

Metering pump IX

The Aquados IX-series is a new line of dosage pumps. These pumps are the best choice in case of high water consumption or a high requested dosage.

  • Exact and reliable dosage at every flow rate
  • Acid-resistant materials and no moving parts (no wear)
  • Uniform dosage
  • Easy to operate
max. water flow (m³/h)
typemax. dosage
max. pressure