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Winter road treatment – Brine maker

Winter road treatment with a salt solution instead of normal (solid) gritting salt is a real trend! Production and  processing of brine for sprinkling onto roads has never been easier with the automatic Aquados® salt dissolvers, which are marketed under the name Euro Saltmix. Already dozens of these salt dissolvers are being used across the Netherlands and Germany for brine production and easy winter road treatment. The use of NaCl solutions has several advantages over using salt crystals:

  • Larger operating area due to lower salt consumption
  • Improved efficiency due to better coverage of road surfaces
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Higher speed of gritter vehicles possible because of less drift

The aim of the design was to limit complexity and make the equipment as user friendly as possible. The Euro Saltmix has many innovative features, and is fully automated:

  • Indicator lights that enable to track every step in the process
  • Salt concentration can be adjusted at any time
  • Equipped with a heating system for temperature control
  • Available in HDPE and polyester versions
  • Easy maintenance

The salt dissolvers are available in various capacities and can also be extended with a pumping station to increase the buffer. For sales enquiries contact:

Eurosalt Winterservices B.V.
Plaza 6
4785 SK Moerdijk
Tel +31(0)-168-393215
Fax: +31(0)-168-393215