Break tank Aquados®


Break tank Aquados®

Break tank Aquados®, a compact and safe solution for interrupting the water line at livestock farms. At every livestock farm that is connected to the network of water supply companies, the system should be designed to prevent microbial infection and prevent backflow of contaminants or additives. Next to this, break tanks also enable to boost the pressure. The Break tank Aquados® has a capacity of 4200 L/h at a pressure of 4.2 bar. It is energy efficient, silent and suited for continuous use. Because of its compact design,  it can be installed nearly anywhere. If the capacity would become insufficient (e.g. because of a business expansion), the system can easily be extended with an additional pump.

  • Creates an interruption in the water line to prevent backflow

  • Sufficient flow and pressure at any time, also during peak consumption

  • Frequency controlled (for a stable pressure)

  • Maximum head: 65 meter

  • Maximum capacity: 7200 L/h

  • Energy efficient, silent and suited for continuous use

  • Anti-freeze protection

  • Dry run protection

Simple, yet powerful pressure boosting water pump

The pressure boosting water pump doesn’t need any maintenance once it is installed; just place the pump, enter the settings and it runs  automatically. The device has a maximum capacity of 7200 L/h and uses a pressure vessel of 2 L. The frequency controlled system ensures that the pump  runs at exactly the right speed to continuously deliver water at the desired pressure.

Energy efficient, silent, suited for continuous use

The water pump is very energy efficient because it is frequency controlled; very high revolutions that cause high energy consumption do not occur with this system. Next to this, the device is very silent; the maximum sound level produced is only 45 dB. Another added benefit is that the device can run continuously up to 3 hours.

Anti-freeze protection

The pump prevents formation of ice on the inside of the system. When the temperature approaches freezing point, the pump automatically switches on to elevate the temperature inside the pump.

Compact water pump

Water pumps normally occupy quite some space; the break tank Aquados® is an exception. Because of the compact design, it takes up about 30% less space compared to traditional installations.

Horizontal or vertical installation, anti-vibration base

The break tank Aquados® is equipped with an anti-vibration base. This does not only help to reduce sound production, but also enables either horizontal or vertical placement of the device; ideal for locations with limited space available.